This illustrated poster is one of the items required for the Discover Reads project. For this illustrated poster, the client wanted to do something that follows the idea of the popular puzzle book ‘Where’s Wally’. In this case, children will need to spot the hidden ninjas in the poster. The characters used in the poster would follow existing characters that NLB already had.

We are required to use existing designed characters and the variety are wide. There are wizards, robots, zombies, superheroes, astronauts etc. In order to accommodate these huge variety of characters, we came up with the idea of a secret base with different rooms, similar to the popular mobile game ‘Tiny Tower’, and children nowadays are no strangers to mobile games, The existing characters are created in flat vector illustration style, similar to the animated series ‘South Park’, hence the ‘secret base’ idea would be a good fit for the characters. As the target audience are local children, local elements are added on the surface of the secret base.