Ani-Com and Games Convention in Hong Kong (ACGHK), happening from 28 July to 1 Aug 2017. The event took place at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. At ACGHK, the range of exhibits include animation, comics, games, toys and collectibles.

You also get to see Hong Kong iconic places and architecture in the from of Lego. There’s also an interesting contest. Guess the total number of Lego minifigures used in the exhibition and stand to win a travel package to Japan.

There are plenty of photo taking opportunities. And with a Nissin cup noodle because Iron Man and Optimus Prime is too mainstream.

Talking about mainstream, there’s your Marvel and DC superheroes. Thor, Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman are the main spotlight as their movies were either released this year or are going to hit cinemas soon.

If you are not a fan of superhero movies, there are also figurines from other movies. The usual suspects like Star Wars, Transformers etc.

The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators have secured an area for their members, and this is the place to be if you are looking for local flavour.

Dragon Tiger Gate or Long Hu Men (龙虎门) is an iconic Hong Kong comic. This title was made into a live action movie in 2006, starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue.

Look, there’s the lovable Doraemon and the irritating Shin Chan. We are not sure if we should censored the elephant but it looked innocent enough.

Of course, there’s plenty of  stuff for Japanese anime and manga fans.

There’s lots of Gundam models around, and below is just a small faction of what was exhibited.

For more information, you can go to Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong official site.