Design Conversations 2019

Design Conversations 2019 is an industry dialogue organised by the…

Looking for a job in the neighbourhood

People’s Association (North East CDC) launches an event in the early part of…

10-Year Challenge

The 10-year challenge that needs our attention.

6 Things to Know About Fare Review Exercise 2018

Public announcement service.

National Reading Day 2018 Video Challenge

A poster we did for the National Reading Day 2018 Video Challenge.

Happy lunar new year 2018!

Wishing all a happy and prosperous lunar new year!

When client says just a few ‘minor’ changes

Beware when the client says it's just a few 'minor' changes lol

I find your lack of design sense disturbing

Star Wars fans will understand this lol

Printing of DC Posters

We have some beautiful DC comics posters in our office last week as our…

Storydrive Asia 2017

Organised by the Singapore Book Publishers Association and Frankfurter…

Downtown Line 3 to open on 21 October 2017

Downtown Line 3 is opening on 21 Oct 2017 and commuters will get to travel for…

Material Matters

I was at Watson looking around for hair products when I came across this. I…